Lady Bits

This is a fun, feminist look at our amazing bodies. Full of information on everything from anatomy to menstruation, this book is a beautifully illustrated manual for vagina havers of all ages.

The Persephone Project

From saving seeds to building soil, making friends with worms and bugs to creating herbal medicine, it's all about a shift from consumption to production, from disconnection to connection.

Honey Drunk

This is a celebration of mead and the honey that helps create it! Learn how to make your very own mead, share it with friends and make magical healing elixirs with the addition of some healing herbs.

Rachel Rolseth lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her dark and feminine illustrations bring life to her writings on nature, herbal medicine, permaculture, fermentation, and women’s health. She has sold copies of her zines all over the world and has received international press. When she isn’t busy making zines, you can find her with her nose buried in a book, riding around the city on her bicycle, or getting her hands dirty in the garden.